3 DYI Warming Essential Oil Blends for Fall

September 16, 2016

3 DYI Warming Essential Oil Blends for Fall

If you loved being outdoors during the summer, fall might get you feeling a little low with the sun setting earlier and the cooler air making it more tempting to stay indoors.

Don't let it get you down!

Make the most of this beautiful season by making your home a cozy haven full of the rich warm scents reminiscent of fall.

We have put together 3 delicious smelling oil blends that will make you love getting cozy indoors with a warm blanket, a hot mug of cocoa and a loved one (or a furry friend!)

Simply drop the oils in a diffuser and allow their aromatic scents to fill your home.

Forest Trail

Don't let the cooler temps stop you from enjoying the outdoors.

Throw on your coziest sweater and enjoy a beautiful walk in nature, where fall can boast her beauty in the beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow, reminiscent of a gorgeous sunset.

When you get home mix up this wonderful blend that's earthy aromatic scent will remind you of the forest; the damp, mossy scent and the cool crispness in the air. It will feel as if you have brought the outdoor scents of fall right into your home!

2 Drops Frankincense

2 Drops Ginger

3 Drops Bergamot

2 Drops Pine 

Pumpkin and Cinnamon Spice

Pumpkin and cinnamon spice is the signature scent of fall, and one whiff of this warm and cozy scent transports us straight back to our childhood, with mom baking a pumpkin pie, and it's rich, comforting aroma filling the air.

Too lazy to whip up a pie?

Try this lovely blend instead!

2 Drops AllSpice

2 Drops Cinnamon

1 Drop Clove

2 Drops Cardamom 

Frosty Morning

Can't get away for the weekend?

Try this blend inspired by a cozy weekend spent in a log cabin, in the last throes of fall right before the first blanket of winter snow.

1 Drop Cedarwood

1 Drop Rosemary

4-5 Drops Fir Needle

2 Drops Pine

Get your loved ones together, whip up a pumpkin pie and mulled wine, and enjoy these beautiful scents of fall!

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