5 Ingredients You Want To See In Your Summer Organic Skin Care

May 12, 2017

5 Ingredients You Want To See In Your Summer Organic Skin Care

While we’re still waiting on those soaring temps that allow us to really soak up the sun’s rays, and indulge in an array of summer activities, now is the perfect time to get your summer skincare products in order.

Avoid the chemically laden products at your local drugstore, and instead, be sure to look for these nutrient rich ingredients, all found here at Green Sisters!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is our number one beauty vitamin and for good reason! This antioxidant vitamin will help to brighten up your dull winter skin, fight inflammation, and promote collagen production for radiant, clear and youthful skin.

To really refresh your skin this summer, try a spritz of our organic skin care  Vitamin C Toner!


Aloe Vera

You can’t go through the summer season without this all important ingredient! Aloe vera is a must for summer skin, especially if you get too much sun. Aloe vera will soothe sunburned skin by providing a protective layer of hydration onto damaged skin, all while feeding your skin with its rich concentration of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids! Aloe is great for all skin types, as it provides beautiful hydration, yet also fights bacteria.

Try our organic skin care Aloe Vera Toner for an instant burst of soothing hydration.



We love the beautiful floral and uplifting scent of rose, which makes it perfect as a must have summer ingredient in your skincare! Rose Absolute is excellent for dry, inflamed and itchy skin, as it helps to calm, soothe and cool the skin.

Try it in our organic skin care Anti-Aging Lavender-Rose Oil Cleanser!


Grape Seed

During the warmer months, protecting your skin against the signs of aging becomes even more important, and this is where grape seed oil comes in. This wonderful anti-aging oil will fight the signs of aging by flooding your skin with powerful antioxidants that will fight off nasty free radicals, for skin that glows with radiant health!

This excellent oil is the first ingredient in our organic skin care product, Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret Serum!

Argan Oil

Known as “liquid gold,” this fantastic oil provides a heap of benefits for both the skin and your hair. Argan oil will help to moisturize, fight inflammation, rejuvenate and leave your skin simply glowing. When used as an overnight treatment on your hair, you can be sure to enjoy silky strands that simply slip through your fingers!

Don’t go anywhere without our organic skin care product, Organic Argan Oil, this summer!

Try these organic skin care products before summer even starts, and step into the season with bright, vibrant and healthy skin!

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