Benefits of Cleansing & Toning

March 20, 2017

Benefits of Cleansing & Toning

Most of use a cleanser and moisturizer everyday, but might neglect a toner, as we may think it is unnecessary.

The truth, however, is that this one simple step can benefit your skin more than you realize, especially now during Summer.

Read on to find out why we recommend adding a toner to your skincare routine.

 What Is A Toner?

Skin Care Toners

A toner is a liquid product that is applied to the skin to help balance the skin, and promote a clearer complexion.

In the past toners gained a bad reputation, as most formulas were packed with alcohol that dried out the skin terribly. They made the skin feel squeaky clean, but stripped the skin of all it’s natural oils, which the skin needs to protect itself and prevent the signs of aging.

Newer formulas today are packed with nutrients and ingredients that will help to hydrate, calm and soothe the skin.


What Can It Do For My Skin?

Toners can help to refresh the skin during the day, and help to remove all traces of dirt and grime at night after cleansing.

 A Good Toner Will:

  • Balance the pH levels of the skin

  • Help to remove dead skin skin cells

  • Refresh the skin

  • Control sebum levels in the skin

  • Hydrate your skin if it tends to be dry

  • Remove all traces of dirt and grime at the end of the day

  • Reduce pore size

  • Smooth the skin

  • Improve skin texture

  • Reduce breakouts

  • Allow for better absorption of any products applied after

How Do I use It?

Applying a Toner

Now that you are aware of all these awesome benefits, we are sure you are dying to get your hands on one! Check out our selection of both cleansers and toners, as  we do recommend using them together.

Choose Acne control if your skin is oily and you suffer from breakouts, Aloe Vera if your skin is sensitive, Orange to hydrate and rejuvenate, and Lavender to calm the senses and keep your skin youthful. Read more about the individual benefits of our facial mists here.

We always recommend cleansing the face before applying your toner, as cleansing the face is very important to prep the skin and allow the nutrients in your toner to really sink in and work their magic.

To tone, simply spritz one of our mists over your face and allow to air dry before applying your moisturizer. You can also lightly tap the product into your skin using your index fingers, until fully absorbed. Be sure to cleanse and tone morning and night.

Bonus Tip!

Spray your face

You can spritz one of our mists over you face during the day when your makeup is on! It will help to set your makeup, as well as add a refreshing boost of moisture to make your skin dewy and plump.

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