3 Best Hydrating Skin Care Ingredients To Banish Your Dry Skin Woes

October 21, 2017

3 Best Hydrating Skin Care Ingredients To Banish Your Dry Skin Woes

The shift in the season may have you finding yourself frustrated with your skin, as seemingly overnight your skin may have gone from normal or combination to dry and dull. If your skin is already dry then you may especially struggle with parched skin at this time of year.

You shouldn't accept dry skin as just part of the season though as there are many factors that contribute to the problem - whether it be indoor heating or dry biting winds outdoors.

Instead, keep reading to find out which three all natural skin care ingredients rank at the top of our list for banishing dryness, for skin that glows with dewy radiance!


Shea Butter Prevents Moisture Loss


Shea butter is so rich it feels absolutely luxurious when it melts on your skin. Shea butter is brimming in essential fatty acids that help to ensure the skin stays soft, supple and deeply hydrated. Humectant properties help to lock this moisture into the skin and prevent a loss of moisture through the pores.

Apart from its powerful hydrating properties, Shea butter is also packed in antioxidant vitamins A and E to fight off free radicals and contribute to a more youthful complexion. Other benefits include healing and reducing inflammation in the skin, making this one ingredient that benefits all skin types!



Coconut Oil Is Rich In Healthy, Moisturizing Fats


Coconut oil is our absolute favourite! From an ingredient in delicious vegan desserts to a must have ingredient in our moisturizer, this is one oil that will completely transform your skin!

Coconut oil is rich in healthy fatty acids that don't only benefit your heart, your skin will glow like never before thanks to potent hydrating properties. Don't shy away if your skin tends to break out, because coconut oil also provides anti microbial properties to reduce inflammation associated with acne while helping to prevent future breakouts.



Apricot Kernel Oil Is Packed With Hydrating Vitamins & Minerals


Apricot oil is packed to the max with skin loving vitamins and minerals to leave your skin looking and feeling healthier, smoother and with a deep boost of much needed hydration.

This one is a cult favourite due to the fact that it leaves the skin feeling beautifully soft and perfectly balanced, yet it absorbs deeply and leaves no greasy finish.



Try these ingredients for yourself and fall in love! Our Shea Butter Moisturizer is especially wonderful for extra dry skin, while our multivitamin creme is one of our bestsellers and packed with coconut oil, apricot Kernel Oil and other ingredients that will really benefit your skin this frosty season.

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