Black Friday 2018 Best Deals at Green Sisters

November 23, 2018

Black Friday 2018 Best Deals at Green Sisters

Black Friday is just a few days away and we don’t blame you if you’re waiting in eager anticipation for the price to go down on that special something you’ve been eyeing for a while!

Black Friday is also an excellent day to get a start on all your Christmas shopping, because drastic price drops mean you can have loads left over to treat yourself too, because you are so worth it!

The only downside of Black Friday is that the malls are absolutely insane and it can all get a little (no very!) stressful.

Why not do all your shopping online this year, purchase real, quality gifts that everyone will love and best of all, skip the crazy shopping malls altogether!

Here’s our top Black Friday deals and why you should get your hands on em ASAP!

Thursday, Nov 22nd ONLY!

Buy any Multi Vitamin Cream and get 1 for 50% OFF

black friday

If you have tried our multivitamin Cream then you’ll be hopping around in excitement, because you know how luxurious this beautiful moisturizer is!

If you have yet to try it, then what are you waiting for? Our Multi Vitamin Cream is brimming in antioxidants that will fight skin aging free radicals, all while enveloping the skin in a veil of dewy hydration for radiant skin that glows with health.

On Black Friday you can treat yourself and someone else to the gift of gorgeous, happy skin all season long!

use code: BEAUTY at checkout


Friday, Nov 23rd ONLY!

Buy 1 Diffuser get 1 50 % OFF

black friday

Why do you need a diffuser in your life? Well, to get all the awesome aromatherapy benefits of our essential oils of course!

But once you try a diffuser for yourself, you’re going to be itching to treat someone you love to one too, because everyone deserves to reap the wonderful mind, body and spirit benefits when diffusing their favourite oils!

If you treat yourself to a diffuser this Black Friday, you can get another one for half the price and you’ll be able to tick someone off your nice list! Have a diffuser already? Well then you’ll have two people taken care of and Christmas is still a month away!

use code: DIFFUSERS at checkout

Saturday, Nov 24th ONLY!

Buy any Organic Essential Oil get 1 50% OFF

black friday

With our vast array of essential oils, it’s hard to stop at just one, especially when you want to get creative and create your own custom blends. Our buy one, get one half off helps you to stock up as you need so make a list, check it twice and stock up on all your oils this friday!

use code: AROMA at checkout


Holiday Sets (buy as a set and save)

black friday

Citrus Bliss ( Scrub, shower gel & body lotion )

BF deal: $59.90                                reg: $77.99

We don’t know anyone who would say no to a beautiful shower set that will uplift their senses while they lather up!


Rose De Mai ( Scrub, shower gel & body lotion )   

BF deal: $69.90       reg: $88.99

The beautiful scent of rose makes this set extra special so be sure to gift this to someone who really deserves to be pampered!


Best age combo ( Cleopatra's beauty secret + any multi vitamin )

BF deal: $59.90      reg: $77.99 

Our Cleopatra’s beauty secret serum and our Multivitamin Cream are a powerful combo for youthful skin and trust us when we say that the lucky recipient of this gift will have you on their good list all year long!

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