Different Ways To Enjoy Chia Seeds for All-Day Energy

May 09, 2019

Different Ways To Enjoy Chia Seeds for All-Day Energy

Chia seeds are small but mighty in terms of nutrient content and in fact, one of the oldest forms of nutrition, however, they have only gained popularity over the past decade.

You’ll now find them in your local grocery store, they’re no longer confined to the health food store shelves, which is great news for everyone!

They were a staple in ancient Aztec and Mayan diets. The Mayans were said to add chia to water and then drink the gel-like formula for energy that allowed them to walk for miles.

Chia seeds are harvested from a flowering plant called Salvia hispanica, part of the mint family and native to parts of Guatemala and Mexico. They’re either black or white in color and form a gel around them when added to a liquid.

They have all sorts of health benefits from aiding in digestion to boosting energy, so we thought we’d share 3 awesome ways you can enjoy them yourself!

In waterchia seeds

Take your morning ritual to the next level by adding some chia to water with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of maple syrup.

This natural electrolyte drink will help you start your day in the best way possible!

In your granola

chia seeds

Amp up your granola by adding some chia seeds and then add as a topping to oatmeal or enjoy on its own with some almond, cashew or coconut milk.

Be sure to add a liquid to your seeds before ingesting.

You can also make your own granola by combining rolled organic oats, raisins, pumpkin seeds, and chia seeds. Throw in some dark chocolate chips to make it extra exciting!

As a pudding

chia seeds

We thought we’d save the best for last! The texture of chia makes it ideal as a pudding and you’ll be blown away at just how delicious it is!

The three main ingredients you need are chia, plant-based milk and a natural sweetener like maple or honey. You can then get as creative as you want with flavor! Add some vanilla for vanilla pudding and all your favorite fruits on top! Or blend fruit into your pudding for a fruity twist.

Here’s a mouthwatering chocolate chia pudding for all you chocolate lovers out there!

We hope you add chia into your daily routine. These seeds are simply bursting in goodness and you’ll soon feel what we mean when you try them for yourself.

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