Top 5 Essential Oils For Your Pets And How To Use Them

January 12, 2018

Top 5 Essential Oils For Your Pets And How To Use Them

We love our pets like family, they are part of the family after all, so why not show them how much you care by treating them to the amazing benefits of essential oils?

It may seem a little wacky, but your furry friends can benefit just as much as you can from certain essential oils!


But first, is essential oil diffusing safe for pets?

essential oils for pets

Animals are more sensitive to essential oils than humans so we recommend diffusing them before starting to apply topically to get your pet used to them first. We also recommend avoiding high phenol oils such as thyme and oregano and citrus oils, especially around cats who may be especially adverse.

Now that that’s out of the way, keep reading for a few essential oils we do recommend and how they can benefit your fluffy companions!



We’re all familiar with the soothing effects of chamomile for ourselves, but your dog or cat can benefit in just the same way! If your pet tends to get nervous or is super hyper then chamomile will help to ease your pet’s distress, help them to sleep soundly, as well as promote healthy digestion from all those treats you throw their way!


It’s not only humans that suffer from inflammatory conditions like arthritis, your pet can suffer too, especially as they get older. Like chamomile, ginger will aid in healthy digestion while relieving pain associated with arthritis and hip dysplasia.


This one will help your pet achieve a beautiful glowing coat, even though you’ll be more proud to show it off than they will! This may surprise you, but pets can also suffer from allergies and if your pet has been sneezing often lately, you may want to diffuse some Myrrh to help them out.


No pet owner wants to see their pet suffer from a case of fleas and this is where peppermint saves the day. Peppermint essential oil repels most pests, including fleas and it will soothe arthritis pain as well.


Some dog breeds, such as dalmations, have extra sensitive skin that can itch like crazy and crack and bleed when your dog tries to relieve the constant itch. Marjoram will help to soothe and treat minor skin irritations to more serious skin infections so your dog can get back to do doing what he does best; playing fetch of course! (or sleeping depending on their personality)!

Before you rush to the pet store for a flea collar or a skin ointment give the above oils a try, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results!

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