Our 3 Favourite Essential Oils to help heal Pesky Skin Issues Naturally

August 25, 2018

Our 3 Favourite Essential Oils to help heal Pesky Skin Issues Naturally

When you’re struggling with a skin issue, be it an acne flare up or a mysterious rash, the first thing you probably do is head to your drugstore to find a product to help clear it up fast.

This may sound like it makes sense, that is until you read what we have to say!

Those drugstore products are formulated with synthetic ingredients that might clear up the issue, but if you have sensitive skin or expect long-term results, then you may be disappointed. Not to mention the fact that these chemically-formulated products can actually put your health at risk!

Why not put your trust in mother nature and let her heal your skin issue naturally and most importantly, safely. Essential oils are brimming in beautiful plant actives and they are as close to nature as you can get!

Here are our 3 top oils for treating common skin issues.

Tea Tree Oil

essential oils for skin

Tea tree is very popular for acne skin conditions thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Tea tree oil can help to shrink and eventually completely dry out pimples, reduce redness and swelling in the skin and may even help to fade acne scars.

Use our tea tree oil as s spot treatment by dabbing on affected areas with a q-tip. It’s very important that you only use on your pimples as it can irritate sensitive skin. You may also choose to add a drop or two to a little coconut oil to dilute the oil before applying to your skin.

You should also try our Acne Control Cleanser, containing this potent oil along with a beautiful blend of powerful and soothing ingredients!

Lavender Oil

essential oils for skin

You may be more familiar with this one as an oil that helps to calm and relax a frazzled mind, but did you know that it has the same effect on the skin?

Lavender has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to calm down any redness or irritation in the skin.

Our Acne Control products contain this lovely essential oil.

Geranium Oil

essential oils for skin

If you’re constantly struggling with strange rashes then geranium essential oil may just become your new best friend!

This one has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties and it also helps to draw and lock hydration into the skin. This is important, because a lack of moisture can quickly lead to dry, aggravated and itchy skin.

To enjoy the benefits of geranium oil, add about 8 drops to about half a cup of coconut oil and massage into the skin.

We hope this article gives you hope if you’ve been dealing with any kind of skin issue. This beautiful planet has provided us with everything we need to heal, we just need to use it!

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