Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts For The Special Guy In Your Life

June 15, 2018

Meaningful Father’s Day Gifts For The Special Guy In Your Life

With Father’s day rounding the corner, it’s a good time to reflect on the idea of father’s being the rock and the provider, and why that thought is so deeply ingrained into our lives.

Of course, traditional roles (you know the iconic 50’s image of dad walking through the door after a long days work while mom cooks dinner for 2.5 kids) are definitely no longer the social norm, we still tend to shy away from the simple acts of love for dad. Something like saying “how was your day” is pure in thought and highly valued to one of the most important people in your life. Under the outward strength, is still a person who yearns for love like all of us.

Instead of getting caught up in the consumerism of a day like Father’s day and buying him something extravagant to show you care, we’d like to encourage you to instead think of practical gifts that are thoughtful, allow him to take a break, and have much meaning behind them.

For The Dad That Does It All

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Whether he’s a single dad, or a dad that does it all, this guy deserves some me-time don’t you agree? He tends to always be busying himself with something, and have no time for himself! This year give him the gift of a nicely curated box of goodies for much needed pampering. Our organic foam cleanser filled with Moroccan “liquid gold”, Argan oil, is the perfect prelude to a smooth shave. The uplifting citrus mist, is the ideal on-the-go pick me up he needs to give him an instant boost in his mood, no matter how stressful a day he may be having. After a long day, he can relax in a calming rose bath to instill a feeling of love, peace, and happiness, followed of course by joint and muscle relaxing balm.

For The Less-Is-More Dad

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You know this guy, he doesn’t like a fuss made about him at all. He doesn’t hang onto objects, and when travelling, you’d be hard pressed to find him ever checking a bag. By now, he’s probably already given you the warning “you better not think of spending your money on me for Father’s day!”

You can still keep things minimalist without getting him all in a tiff this Father’s day by giving him a gift he can use in a space he likely spends a lot of time in… his car of course! A portable essential oil diffuser for his car is a practical and effective gift he can enjoy on the go. Don’t forget to grab one of our signature blends  or chakra blends for him to enjoy.

For The Mom Doing Double Duty

For the multi-tasking mom who also happens to be dad, she needs some extra special love and attention on Father’s day! To help her avoid sure burnout, mom will appreciate a special peace and calm blend in her diffuser (or just to smell from the bottle). Fresh tangerine and orange, along with floral notes of ylang-ylang and patchouli, will help instill peace in both her mind and her surroundings.

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