Ground Yourself with Patchouli Essential Oil

August 12, 2016

Ground Yourself with Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli oil was all the rage among hippies in the sixties and seventies, and this earned it the name the “scent of the sixties.” There are many rumours around why hippies loved it, including that it was used to cover up the smell of marijuana or body odour. Some hippies from that era, however, say that it was to make a statement, to stand out and be different and not wear a mainstream fragrance that you could find at any old department store.

It’s earthy, musky scent is very grounding and a whiff of it may feel like taking a direct sniff of nature. Because of its distinct scent, people either love or hate this oil, there’s usually no inbetween.


What makes patchouli oil stand out from other oils, is that it actually gets better with age, just like a fine red wine. You might hate the scent now, but as time goes on you may find yourself warming to it. This means that it also changes in colour, so when purchasing patchouli oil, don’t be alarmed if each bottle looks different. It usually changes from a light golden colour to a dark amber as it ages.


Patchouli Oil and Yoga or Meditation


Yoga and meditation are 2 relaxing practices that help to still the mind and ground you in the present moment. Because patchouli oil is a grounding, earthy oil it is the perfect complement to both of these practices. Its grounding properties help to connect you with yourself, and helps you to feel more self love and compassion for yourself. It’s excellent at relieving anxiety, stress and tension, all common symptoms when one does not feel grounded or present.


How To Use Patchouli Oil During Your Grounding Practice


A few drops on the pulse points, namely the temples and wrists, is always a great way to instantly enjoy the wonderful benefits this oil has to offer. Our favourite way to use it, however, is to place a few drops in a diffuser and allow the beautiful musky and grounding scent to fill the room during our practice. Even just a few deep breaths, while enjoying its calming scent will make a world of difference!

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