Healthy Skin Care Tips for Happy, Hydrated Skin for the Rest of the Season

January 22, 2019

Healthy Skin Care Tips for Happy, Hydrated Skin for the Rest of the Season

Since it’s still so early in the year we thought it’s the perfect time to do an updated skin care post, because our skin care needs change with the seasons.

In this article we’ll be sharing a few simple tips to ensure your skin stays perfectly balanced, hydrated and clear no matter how chilly it gets outside!


Always apply your oils to damp skin

Oils contain larger particles than those in a regular water-based moisturizer, so for optimal absorption, always be sure to apply your oils to slightly damp skin. The ideal time is when you’re fresh out of the shower or bath.

Use your ring fingers to gently pat your oil into your skin (don’t rub) until fully absorbed.


End your cleansing ritual with a shot of cold water

Lukewarm water is important when rinsing your face, because hot water strips the skin of beneficial oils.

But to really take your cleansing routine to the next level, try using cold water for your final rinse.

Not only will it feel wonderfully refreshing, cold water helps to close the pores and lock moisture into the skin.


Cleanse once a day

So we’ve all been taught to cleanse twice a day, but over-cleansing can strip the skin, especially during the cold season when the air is so dry.

While we do recommend cleansing at night to help remove all the dirt and grime of the day, we encourage you to just use toner to wipe your skin down in the morning before applying your follow up products.


Use your toner before and after applying your makeup

This may go against what you’ve learned about toners, but a spritz after applying your makeup is just as good for your skin as a spritz before!  

Toners have a heap of benefits from hydrating the skin, refining the pores and infusing the skin with extra nutrients, but they’re also wonderful for setting your makeup and providing a gorgeous, dewy finish!

In fact, you can apply your toner at any time of the day, whenever your skin needs a refreshing burst!


We hope you take these tips into account during your daily skin care ritual! A few simple tweaks and changes can truly make all the difference!

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