How To Stay Warm When Cold Canadian Temperatures Hit Your Town!

January 05, 2018

How To Stay Warm When Cold Canadian Temperatures Hit Your Town!

If you’re reading our first post for 2018 then we wish you a Happy new Year and hope your festive season was one of complete rest and relaxation!

It’s no secret that all across Canada this Winter has been especially harsh in terms of cold and if you’re getting the shivers just at the thought of running out to your car in the morning then this article is for you!

We have put together a few fun and all natural ways to stay warm this frosty season, no matter how low the temperature may go!

Enjoy a Hot Beverage

You may want to ditch the cold drinks this season in favour of something a little more warm and comforting and you can’t go wrong with a hot cup of tea or cocoa. Hot drinks raise your core body temp, but to really reap the benefits be sure to be bundled up in your coziest blanket while you sip your drink of choice. The reason? A hot beverage can make you sweat and when it evaporates it can leave you feeling a little chilly. By cocooning yourself in a blanket, you prevent this from happening and hey, who can argue with a blanket and a hot drink?

This hot chocolate recipe has a secret ingredient to really heat you up!

Have a Dance Party!

Nothing will heat you up quicker than busting a move on the dance floor, but of course you won’t want to leave the warmth of your home, so why not invite your favourite people and enjoy a dance party without stepping one toe out in the frigid cold? For something a little different that is guaranteed to get you and your friends laughing and sweaty is this fun dance workout on Youtube! The bonus is that you’ll be getting in a healthy workout while having so much fun!

Soak in the Tub

Who doesn’t love soaking in a tub full of bubbles and pure bliss? A hot bath is a great way to instantly raise your body temperature while helping to relax you at the same time. To really take your bath time to the next level try diffusing our meditation blend and allow its calming steam to work its magic on your mind. Hot water can sap moisture out of your skin so be sure to slather yourself in body lotion right after, while your skin is still damp to allow for better absorption and silky soft skin.

These tips are super simple, but highly effective and will help to warm your chilly bones, guaranteed!

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