Our Three Favourite Soothing Oils for Happy Skin and a Calm Mind

May 20, 2019

Our Three Favourite Soothing Oils for Happy Skin and a Calm Mind

The reason we adore essential oils so much is because of the incredible aromatherapy benefits that don’t only mean they smell wonderful, they actually have some powerful healing benefits too.

There are three oils we especially love that are calming and relaxing after a long day, but when applied to the skin provide these same soothing and calming properties.

Keep reading to find out 3 of our favourite essential oils that will calm inflamed skin and relax a frazzled mind so you can put your feet up and float on cloud 9.


If you’re looking to drift away on a cloud of pure bliss, without having to crack open the champagne, then look no further than one of our all-time favorite florals!

Lavender helps to soothe anxiety and leave you feeling completely at ease so you can enjoy a wonderful night’s rest.

Lavender is also excellent for calming inflamed, aggravated skin when a few drops are added to a carrier oil such as coconut oil, and then the mixture massaged lightly into the areas of concern.

Massaging it into the pulse points, temples and neck is also a great idea when you slip into bed at night. Of course, you can also choose to add a few drops to a diffuser and allow the soothing mist to transform your room into an oasis of calm.


Another one of our favorite florals, this aromatic beauty can help to soothe a frazzled mind while also alleviating depression. It’s a romantic floral that also makes it perfect for date night to set the mood!

Rose is also excellent for nourishing the skin and its powerful anti-inflammatory properties make it a favorite for problematic skin types.

Use in a diffuser or apply to the skin according to our steps above.


Ylang Ylang

This has to be one of the best oils for anxiety!

One whiff and we guarantee your senses will be transported to a place of complete serenity.

Ylang ylang also has powerful antibacterial properties when applied to the skin via a carrier oil and it’s also an aphrodisiac...just thought we would put that out there!

There you have it! These three oils should be a staple to your collection if you suffer from anxiety or depression or just want to treat yourself sometimes! You deserve it!

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