Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Skin Hydrated This Fall

September 07, 2018

Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Skin Hydrated This Fall

With a change in season comes a change in our skin with it craving deeper hydration and richer products than you may have used during the summer.

Hydrated skin is happy skin and the key to youthful skin, however crisp temperatures and dry air can sap the moisture out of your skin faster than you can say “Happy Fall!”

In this article we’ll talk about a few ways you can keep your skin hydrated and perfectly balanced. Some of our advice may surprise you!

Lay off the sugar

If you’re wondering why the heck we’re talking about sugar when this article promised to show you ways to increase hydration in your skin then keep reading, there’s a point to it we swear!

Sugary drinks, like all those lattes you’ll be tempted to indulge in, can actually draw water out of your cells, putting your skin at risk for dehydration and an increased risk of aging since sugar breaks down collagen too.

The first step in any good skin care routine is to lay off the sugar and any other processed or greasy food that can impact your skin.

Beautiful skin really does start on the inside!

If the thought of cutting back on your favourite warming drinks has you down, then be sure to check out this article where we show you how to make healthier versions of your favourite fall drinks! The bonus is that they contain skin brightening  ingredients so you’ll be sipping your way to hydrated, radiant skin all season long!

Up your skin care game

hydrating skin care

Now is the time to switch up your lighter skin care products for richer ones that will help to keep your skin hydrated and protected against harsh and dry conditions.

Our Multi Vitamin Cream is an absolute favourite and even acne skin types can benefit thanks to powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Vitamins A,C and E! You have to try this one for yourself, it’s pure, rich and deeply luxurious indulgence!

Avoid hot water

hydrating skin care

If you’re rinsing your face with hot water then you need to stop right away!

Hot water strips the skin of all beneficial oils and can actually impair the skin’s barrier function. The skin’s barrier helps to lock moisture in and keep pollutants out, however when it’s damaged it can throw off the skin’s pH balance completely and it takes a while to get back to normal, one application of facial oil won’t fix it.

Always rinse your face with lukewarm water and only use a natural cleanser, those harsh conventional brands can dry out the skin too.

We hope these tips help you to enjoy a happy, soothed skin all Fall long! We’ll be talking about your winter skincare guide in our next post so be sure to look out for it!

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