Essential Oils Blends to help with PMS and Period Cramps

July 27, 2018

Essential Oils Blends to help with PMS and Period Cramps

That time of the month is never fun. Whether you suffer from killer cramps or not, you still have to deal with all the drastic mood swings that hormonal changes entail. 

You can say goodbye to your sunny disposition and hello to anxiety, a low mood, cramps, back pain and al the cravings! It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

What would you say to a period where you still feel energized and happy with minimal pain so you can still do all the things you love? We bet you’d jump on board!

Well dive in then, because in this article we’ll be talking about a few of our favourite essential oils and essential oil blends to help soothe cramps, boost your mood and even curb your cravings, although dark chocolate is always a good idea!

You can diffuse these oils in your diffuser, simply inhale their scent or add a few drops to a carrier oil and apply directly to the skin. It’s completely up to you!

Buh-bye Fatigue

pms and period cramps

Hands up if that time of the month has you dragging your feet and yawning a million times a minute. We’ve all been there!

Our favourite fatigue busting oils are energizing peppermint, basil or any citrus oil such as lime, lemon or orange.

Try our Energy diffuser blend, which contains all three!

No more anxiety

Changes in hormones can have you feeling stressed out and anxious, but don’t let anxiety stop you from going out on that fun adventure!

Lavender essential oil is one of our absolute favourites for calming an anxious mind. What you may not know is that lavender also helps to improve blood flow, as well as reduce cramps, making it a must for that time of the month! We recommend starting to use it a few days before your period starts.

Try Lavender on its own or try our Harmony Blend, which contains this beautiful essential oil along with patchouli, geranium and clove.

Put a smile on that beautiful face and boost your mood

pms and period cramps

You know how that time of the month can cause you to feel glum and blue? Well, there’s an essential oil for that!

Rose actually helps to regulate hormone levels, which can help to reduce bloating and cramping and it’s wonderful for lifting your spirits.

Try our gorgeous Rose De Mai essential oil or check out our full range of rose products here.

Soothe those painful cramps

pms and period cramps

No one should have to suffer with period pain, but the harsh reality is that millions of women do.

If your period pain is severe we do recommend seeing your doctor as it could be something you need treated professionally. If, however, your pain is not every month or it’s painful, but not debilitating then we recommend chamomile or ylang ylang essential oils.

Both are wonderfully soothing and calming and both have antispasmodic properties to help ease pain and get you feeling like yourself again!

Try a few drops of chamomile and a few of ylang ylang for an excellent soothing blend that will help you to relax and is especially great for bedtime.

We hope you give these blends a try, because they really can make such a difference! Be sure to be eating healthy and exercising as well for truly great results!

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