Tips To Prevent Breakouts When Working Out

June 29, 2018

Tips To Prevent Breakouts When Working Out

If you’ve noticed that while your regular workout may be toning up your muscles, it seems to be breaking out your skin as well, then you aren’t imagining it!

While exercise is not the cause of breakouts, sweating and not finding ways to keep your skin clean during and after a sweatfest certainly can clog up your pores and contribute to pesky blemishes.

In this article, we’ll give you 4 of our top tips to keep your skin clear so you can enjoy toned muscles, a strong body and beautiful glowing skin with no pimples in sight!

Forget the makeup

prevent breakouts

What’s the point of trying to look cute during your workout if you’re going to sweat your makeup off anyway? Makeup and sweating is never a good mix and will clog up your pores, simply increasing your chances of breaking out.

Try and avoid a full face and instead apply a moisturiser instead, that will help to balance out your skin and keep pollutants out, as well as provide a protective barrier on your skin while you hit the treadmill.

Of course, we understand if you may feel self-conscious without a little bit of cover up, so if you do choose to wear just a little makeup be sure to look for all natural formulations that contain minerals rather than synthetic ingredients. Also, consider a bb cream or a tinted moisturiser rather than a heavy and thick foundation.

Wear a headband

prevent breakouts

A headband is not just a fun workout accessory, if you’re going hard, it really is a great way to prevent sweat from dripping onto your face or accumulating in your hairline and causing pimples.

There are so many different kinds, you’re sure to find one that suits you!

Throw a toner in your gym bag


Toner is one of our favourite products when we’re hot and more than a little sweaty!

A spritz of toner on your face during your workout is a great way to quickly cool you down with the added benefit of infusing your skin with antioxidants and soothing ingredients to fight bacteria and prevent breakouts.

Cleanse your face right after working out

prevent breakouts

Don’t even think about skipping this step!

A good cleanse is essential to wash off any dirt, grime and sweat that has accumulated on your skin during your workout and will help to clean out your pores and prep your skin for the day ahead!

Follow with a spritz of toner and some moisturiser to lock all the nutrients in.

We hope these tips help to motivate you to enjoy your workouts because you now know that breaking out is one less thing for you to have to worry about!

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