Get the Smoothest Shave Naturally This Summer

May 18, 2018

Get the Smoothest Shave Naturally This Summer

With the weather heating up, it’s time to soak up the rays and enjoy all the outdoors has to offer!

This means you’re going to be showing off more skin and we know how frustrating shaving bumps and ingrown hairs can be. While you may think waxing is the better choice, did you know that you can still deal with a rash or ingrown hairs if you wax?

Luckily we have you covered! We have put together our simple 3 step process to the perfect shave, every time, so you can show off healthy, glowing and most importantly silky, smooth skin!

Start with a good scrub

Don’t even think about putting a razor anywhere near your legs or anywhere else until you have treated your skin to a proper exfoliation!

Exfoliation involves sloughing off dead skin cells that may have clogged up your razor and contributed to ingrown hairs. It boosts your blood circulation and leaves your skin glowing.

To indulge in a DIY exfoliation we recommend adding a tablespoon of sugar to a sponge with a good dollop of our citrus bliss or rose de mai shower gels and lathering up. Sugar helps to remove dead skin without scratching your skin and it’s a humectant, meaning it draws water into the pores so your skin will stay perfectly hydrated.

Ditch the foam for an oil

smooth shave

If you take a look at your shaving foam then you may be alarmed to see the list of weird looking ingredients on the label.

Many of these are synthetic and filler ingredients that can dry out your skin and even affect your health!

While you may love the lather provided by a creamy shaving foam, we highly recommend trying an oil instead. Natural oils like coconut, which is one of our favourites, will provide a silky smooth glide without nicks or cuts and you’ll enjoy a smooth shave that lasts a lot longer than the shave you get from your shaving foam.

Here’s how to achieve the perfect shave with an oil.

After care is everything

smooth shave

Many people do everything right and get a close and smooth shave, but then don’t put anything on afterwards. After care is essential to help maintain your shave, soothe your skin and prevent pesky ingrowns

Our treatment oils aren’t just for your face! Add a few drops to your palms and gently press into any areas you have shaved to help keep your skin soothed and hydrated with a healthy glow.

Our Calendula oil is especially wonderful for sensitive skin and will help to reduce inflammation so you can show off your perfect shave!

There you have it! This is a super simple process yet highly effective and you will be itching to show off your silky, soft skin!

Happy long weekend to all our loyal readers!

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