4 Tips for Staying Healthy at All Your Holiday Parties this Festive Season

November 09, 2018

4 Tips for Staying Healthy at All Your Holiday Parties this Festive Season

With Christmas around the corner, those holiday party invites will soon start trickling into your life, and while we all love a good holiday bash, staying healthy during this time of year can be a bit of a challenge.

One thing every holiday party has in common is good food, and lots of it, but after the first two parties of the season, you may feel like indulging at every one is not going to leave you feeling your festive best!

So what can you do to still enjoy a party without feeling bloated or sluggish?

In this article we’ll give you just four tips to stay healthy no matter how many invites you get this year!

Snack smart before you head out


Heading into a party with a growling stomach is a surefire way to overindulge and end up feeling bloated and sluggish, so be sure to fill up before you head out for the evening.

A handful of raw almonds or brazil nuts will help to fill you up and balance your blood sugar, but still leave some room for you to at least enjoy a small helping at your party.

Other options could include gluten free crackers and guacamole or some raw veggies dipped in hummus, yum!

Sip on water

Before you roll your eyes, (who wants to sip on water a Christmas party?) be sure to hear us out!

Water helps to flush toxins from the system and control bloat so its essential you’re getting your 8-10 glasses a day. Make it a rule to sip on a glass of water alongside every drink to help prevent a hangover!

Portion control

When you’re starving it’s easy to overeat and then pay for it later when you realize you've over-indulged. Your body needs a few minutes to signal that it’s full so try eating one serving and then if you’re still hungry after 20 minutes, by all means go ahead and allow yourself a second serving!

Boost your metabolism


By boosting your metabolism, you help your body to burn calories so you can eat more without gaining excess weight.

Try sipping on some green tea alongside your meals to aid digestion, flood your body with antioxidants and, of course, boost your metabolism.

We also highly recommend starting each day with a sweaty workout to help your body burn calories all day long!

These tips are easy to incorporate into your daily life and will leave you feeling full of healthy festive cheer!

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