Ways To Boost Your Mood In The Chilly Weather

September 28, 2018

Ways To Boost Your Mood In The Chilly Weather

We have to admit that we’ve been loving these temperatures lately. We’ve been able to bundle up with a sweater yet not feel too hot or cold, the weather at this time of year is just perfect!

Of course the sun has been setting a little earlier too, which can take a bit of a toll on your mood and, in fact, depression levels do start to rise with the change in season.

Don’t despair though!

We have put together five of our favourite mood boosting tips so you can feel a little brighter. However, we should mention that if you feel like you’re dealing with more than a temporary case of the blues then we do encourage you to speak to your doctor.

If your mood just needs a gentle boost then keep on reading!

Put on a feel good movie


It’s incredible how a good movie can completely transform your mood and leave you feeling relaxed and positive!

Of course, you need to be sure you’re ditching the depressing dramas and skipping right on forward to one of these top feel good flicks!

Now all you need are some snacks!

Snack on some mood boosting foods

mood booster

You may think sugar makes you happy, but unfortunately it’s a temporary high that can leave you feeling sluggish and moody later on.

These are our favourite mood boosting foods! We highly recommend dipping some banana slices in melted dark choc, rolling them around in crushed Brazil nuts and freezing for an indulgent and delicious treat that will leave you feeling good!

Read an uplifting book

Never underestimate the power of word. Sometimes words can be so powerful that they lift you right up and out of your funk!

These are our top book choices for boosting your mood, Harry Potter has to be our all time favourite for all ages!


Put on a happy music playlist

mood booster

Music has the power to actually alter your brainwaves and increase serotonin and dopamine, your happy hormones.

Make a playlist with all your favourite tunes and let the music wash over you with its positive energy!

If you feel like trying some new jams, then here’s a playlist you may enjoy!

Get sweaty

mood booster

Last, but not least, get your sweat on! However you like to get sweaty, from dancing to kickboxing, just be sure you’re active!

Exercise releases endorphins that improve your mood and will fade your stress and troubles away.

We hope you enjoyed these tips to boost your mood and we hope you’re feeling a little better! If you have any more to share, we’d love to hear them!

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