Your Winter Skin Care Guide

September 14, 2018

Your Winter Skin Care Guide

What’s your biggest skin care concern during the frosty months?

We’ve heard them all, but the biggest one that comes up is dry skin. Not just your regular run of the mill dry skin either. We’re talking flaking skin that itches and becomes inflamed, not a pretty sight!

Even if you don’t suffer from sensitive skin or inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, the harsh winter conditions can take a serious toll on even the toughest skin!

But fear not, help has arrived in the form of this article, where we’ll be talking about your 3 step skin care routine to nip dry skin in the bud so you can enjoy the dewy skin you deserve, no matter how low the temperatures may go!

Let’s get started!

It all starts with a gentle, hydrating cleanser

winter skin care

No good skin care routine is complete without a good cleansing.

The right cleanser, one formulated with all natural, soothing ingredients, will remove excess dirt and grime without ever throwing off your skin’s delicate moisture balance. And it will never strip your skin of beneficial oils!

Forget the harsh conventional cleansers that strip your skin and instead try our Organic Foam Cleanser with Argan Oil, ideal for all skin types, including sensitive, dry and blemish prone skin! Argan oil will add hydration to parched skin while helping to perfectly balance oily complexions.

Next we scrub those skin care woes away

Don’t even think about applying your lotions and oils before scrubbing away dead skin build up!

A good exfoliation, at least once or twice a week, helps to unclog the pores, boost collagen production and prep the skin for better absorption of the products to follow.

For a simple and all natural DIY exfoliator, simply add about ½ - 1 tsp of raw sugar to some of our cleanser and voila! You can use this on your face and try adding a tbsp to some shower gel for an all over body exfoliation.

Your skin will feel silky smooth and that itch that was bothering you? You’ll be asking “what itch?”

Now it’s time to hydrate!

It’s time for the final and most important step in your winter skin care routine.

You’ll be saying goodbye to dry skin and hello to deep down hydration! This is the time of year to really amp up your hydration and a facial oil may be just what the skin doctor ordered!

We have a beautiful range of treatment and beauty oils to target any skin care concern! They will infuse your skin with hydration, while powerful antioxidants and nutrients will help to heal, soothe and leave your skin absolutely radiant.

We also cannot forget to mention our best selling Multivitamin Creme. We can’t say enough wonderful things about this awesome moisturiser and our customers agree! You have to just try it for yourself!

And there you have it! A simple yet highly effective skin care routine that will keep your skin hydrated and happy all season long! If you have any questions or anything you’d like to share, we’d love to hear them in the comments!

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