Facial Foam Cleanser Cranberry - Orange 150ml

Our Organic skin care facial foam cleanser is a naturally foaming facial wash to cleanse and clarify pores deeply.
A rich foaming, cleansing face wash to gently remove make-up and impurities leaving skin balanced, clear and smooth. Gentle saponified Coconut oil is tolerated by sensitive skin, Organic sweet Orange essential oil helps balance skin's natural oils and Cranberry Oil nourish with Vitamin C for a softer finish.

Suitable for normal skin types, perfect for oily, combination and congested skin

Cranberry and Orange oil provides lots of Vitamin C that brings a glowing effect.

The  soft Foam gently cleanses your face and leaves your skin clean and healthy.

How to use: Apply one or two pumps of Organic Skin Care Facial Foam Cleanser on your facial skin, massage and remove Make up and oily residue, wash off with lots of fresh warm water and give your face a cold splash to finish. This closes the pores and your skin feels and looks great. 

Follow with Green Sisters Organic Skin Care Vitamin C Toner Orange & Organic Skin Care Multi Vitamin Creme or Organic Skin Care Shea butter moisturizer Tangerine, and enjoy your glowing skin

Ingredients: Distilled  Water, Saponified Coconut Oil,  Cranberry Oil, Organic Essential sweet Orange oil,  Vitamins E & C

Find out more benefits about the ingredients of this organic skin care product below.

Benefits of Cranberry Oil:

      Anti-Oxidant Protection
      Skin Conditioning and Restructuring
      Vitamins A, C, E, and K
      Enhanced Cellular Function
      Exceptional Skin Moisturizer
      Skin Tightening Activity


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