Chakra Energy Spray Roots

The Root Chakra is the first Chakra. Its energy is connected to the Earth Energy. If balanced it gives you the feeling of safety and grounding. It’s at the base of the chakra system and lays the foundation for expansion in your life.

Where is the Root Chakra?

The Root chakra is located at the base of the spine. This chakra is often represented as a cone of energy stating at the base of the spine 

Key elements of the Root Chakra

  • Security, safety
  • Survival
  • Basic needs (food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation, etc.)
  • Physicality, physical identity and aspects of self
  • Grounding
  • Support and foundation for living our lives

The Root Chakra provides the basis on which we build up our life. It is a built in safety feature that helps us growing and feeling safe into experiencing all of life. It is connected to our feeling of safety and security, whether it’s body related or financial, or to our homes. The Root Chakra is where we ground ourselves into the Earth and get the secure feeling of being protected.


How to balance the Root Chakra

  1. Walk barefoot in nature
  2. Mindfully eat healthy food, especially root vegetables or healthy "comfort food", red food
  3. Repeat affirmations such as: "I am safe." " The universe is a good place." "Everything is going to work out just fine." "The universe provides for me abundantly." "All is well and I can let down my guard and rest."
  4. Surround yourself with earthy smells, such as essential oils of Cedar wood, Clove, or Patchouli. Lime, Lavender, Sage 

How to use Green Sisters Chakra Energy Sprays:

Use the Spray daily to ground yourself, use as Facial Toner, Body Spray,

Cleanse the Energy around you, refresh the air, use on your pillows before 

bed, spray in the air before Yoga and Meditation practice.

Smells divine, works like Magic

    INGREDIENTS:  Certified organic essential oils in distilled Water and vegetable glycerin

    Roots Blend: Patchouli, Lime, Lavender, Sage

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