AWAKE | 10ml

Awake organic essential oil blend was created to help one become more aware, to open the consciousness and to awaken the Spirits. In the times where we are living right now it is important for every Soul to awaken, for too long we were in deep sleep and followed our leaders. Now we all feel the changing Aera, the Age of Aquarius that uncovers all lies and guides us into the 5th Dimension. Time to AWAKE!! 

Organic Essential Oil Blend Components:

PEPPERMINT:  will cleanse the spiritual bodies and increase balance with the soul togged more intuitive awareness. Minimizes our fears and cools and calms the mind.

PINE: will ground the body and release stress and will provide stabilization, grounding and security, physically and emotionally.

EUCALYPTUS:  brings spiritual transformation. It is connected to light and  the divine to give balance to our relationships.

Essential Oil Blend Directions:

Inhale straight from the bottle and feel the Awaking.  

Massage one drop on each temple, neckline and forehead for headache relief, be careful in the eye area.                                                   

Put a few drops in hot water and inhale under a towel to open sinuses.                                                        

Use this Essential oil blend in a diffuser to clean the air.

Mix with Carrier essential Oil and use as Bath Oil

Mix in a Spray bottle with Water and use as refreshing room spray

Ingredients: organic  Peppermint essential oil , organic Pine essential oil, organic Eucalyptus essential oil. 


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