ENERGY | 10ml

Are you low in Energy, do you just want to lay on your Couch, want not even go to this fun Party you are invited? Than it time to diffuse some Green Sisters Energy blend in your House just smelling on the bottle gives you a boost. We created this blend to give you back the Energy to enjoy an active life with Fun and Laughter.

BASIL: Basil oil introduces us to our inner self.

PEPPERMINT: will cleanse the spiritual bodies and increase balance with the soul togged more intuitive awareness. Minimizes our fears and cools and calms the mind.

LEMON: clears the mind and spirit and the result is joy and hopefulness with clear thoughts and happiness.

Use in your diffuser, smell on the bottle, mix with Carrier Oils as a Bath Oil

Ingredients: Basil, Peppermint & Lemon