CARROT SEED certified Organic Essential Oil - INDIA

Organic Essential Oil Details:

Plant Part: Seeds

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Origin: India

Description: Carrot is an annual or biennial plant with hairy leaves and umbels of white lacy flowers with purple centers.

Color: Pale yellow to amber liquid.

Consistency: Thin

Aromatic Scent: This oil has a woody-earthy, slightly spicy, strong herbaceous musky scent.

Use: Carrot Seed Essential Oil, high in carotenes, is considered one of the best oils to enhance the appearance of mature skin. Its chemical constituents may stimulate cell growth while removing toxins, which would give the skin a more toned, youthful appearance. It has been reputed to be useful in treating eczema, scars, wounds and burns, also chemical burns ( chemo therapy). Carrot seed oil may also be helpful in the aromatherapy’s therapeutic treatment of arthritis, gout, edema, rheumatism and the accumulation of toxins in muscles and joints. It is thought to strengthen the mucus membranes in the nose, throat and lungs, thus having a beneficial effect on conditions such as bronchitis and influenza.

Spiritual Use: Carrot Seed helps the root and third eye chakras align which provides spiritual vision for the future.

What Chakra is connected: Root, Third eye and Crown 

It releases emotions of enslavement and negative experiences. Carrot Seed supports us by grounding to Mother Earth and teaches us appreciation so we can have a complete life.

Blends With: Frankincense, Lavender,  Rosewood, Cypress and Geranium

History: The name is derived from the Greek Carotos and had great medicinal value to the Greeks and Romans in ancient times, especially for its carminative properties. The herb was transported to the Americas where it became known as Queen Anne's Lace, and the edible orange root as we know it was developed by the Dutch in the 1700's.

Cautions: Non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing. Avoid use during pregnancy.

**All our organic essential oils are for external use only. Before using essential oils internal contact a qualified Aromatherapist. The information on this page is for educational purposes only, it is not meant to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose of any disease or condition, it is not prescribe in any way.

Do not use during pregnancy.

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