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The Heart Chakra, or Anahata in original Sanskrit, is connected  to compassion, love, and beauty. The fourth energy center is said to be the bridge between Earth and Spirit. Explore deep Love for others and how this powerful energy of unconditional Love  enriches your life.

Where is the Heart Chakra?

The fourth chakra is at the center of the chest, between the breasts. It’s slightly to the left of the actual organ of the heart. That’s why it’s often referred to as the Heart Chakra.

It’s important to remember that it is multidimensional and is energetically represented with a front going through the center of the chest, and a back going through the spine between the shoulder blades.

Because of its location, the heart chakra is associated to the cardiac system and the lungs.  These organs are interdependent and rely on air and breathing to function properly. The gland associated with the heart chakra is the thymus, which is in charge of regulating the immune system.

Key Elements of the Heart Chakra

  • Capacity to love
  • Integration, bridge between earthly and spiritual aspirations
  • Transcending personal identity and limitations of the ego
  • Experience of unconditional love and connection with all
  • Heart-centered discernment
  • Appreciation of beauty in all things
  • Experiencing deep and meaningful relationships

How to balance the Heart Chakra?

 Do your best to forgive someone. Just let it go. Then make a list of everyone you can think of who loves you or has loved you--living or dead. Love is always current, always present, even when a relationship has "ended" or a person has died. Let the love sink in. Try to keep the awareness of being loved in the forefront of your heart all day, like a warm glow.

  • Perform an anonymous "random act of kindness" every day for a week. Notice how it makes you feel.
  • Create and repeat an affirmation such as:
    • "I forgive naturally and easily."
    • "My heart is full."
    • "I see evidence of love all around me."
    • "It is my nature to heal."
    • "The love that I give comes back to me many times over."


     Use the Spray daily to activate Love and Compation, use as Facial Toner, Body Spray,

    Cleanse the Energy around you, refresh the air, use on your pillows before 

    bed, spray in the air before Yoga and Meditation practice.

    Smells divine, works like Magic

    INGREDIENTS: Certified organic essential oils in distilled Water and vegetable glycerin


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