Eczema Oil - 30ml

A lot of people suffer from Eczema and the skin irritations. Our world is overloaded with chemicals and our skins have a hard time to handle this.
First step in your process is to eliminate as much chemicals in your household. Often the laundry detergent can cause the problem. Go with the most natural option you can find. Next step is to do a Liver cleanse, all skin problems are connected to on overworked Liver. And while you cleanse use Green Sisters Organic Skin Care Eczema blend on effected skin.
  • Itch relief and healing, easy to apply as often as needed.
  • Powerful oil blend to help minimize this uncomfortable skin problem.
Ingredients: organic Calendula, Hypericum, Evening Primerose, Avocado, and a healing blend of Carrot seed, Lavender and Sandalwood essential oils