Fungal Stop - 100% natural Fungal Stop 15ml

Unfortunately nail fungus can be quite stubborn, it feeds off dark and moist areas and once it has settled in, it can be a bloomin nightmare to get rid of, toenail fungus being the worst. Always treat & cleanse your colon when starting a Fungus treatment program as mostly a toxic colon with low bacterias is a common cause of this problem.

Our strong blend of organic essential oil will be a great companion along your way but be aware that this is a long term process to kill the Fungus.

  • Stops toe nail fungus, helps regain healthy nails, eliminates warts.
  • Apply 1-2 times a day until nails are healthy, can be up to a year.
  • Also very helpful on warts. 2 times daily on effected area.
  • See your health practitioner for persistent issues.

Ingredients:  Organic Almond & organic Jojoba Oils, organic essential oil blend: Australian Tea Tree, Palma Rosa, Lavender

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