HARMONY | 10ml

We all need more Harmony in our lives. in our relationships, with our children, in our homes, in our work place and between us Humans. With this in mind we created our Harmony blend. Use in your diffuser at home, your bedroom, your office and where ever you want increase Harmony.

GERANIUM:  Geranium oil can help diminish fears of abandonment, love and commitment. It helps to be more accepting and more loving of self. As we love ourselves more, than we can fully commit to loving others.

PATCHOULI: Is used to relax the mind and clarify thoughts.It releases obsessions, insecurities, jealousies and enhancing our desire to live a beautiful life.

LAVENDER: Calms the mind and gives us greater intuition and clarity.

CLOVE: Clove is said to provide insight into our emotional stress situations and explains the hidden meaning behind it?

For external use only.

Works best on just smelling on the bottle and in diffusers.

Ingredients: Geranium, Patchouli, Lavender & Clove.