Spikenard Essential Oil 10ml

Plant Part: Root

Origin: Nepal

Processing Method: Steam Distilled

Description / Color / Consistency: A slightly viscous golden yellow to greenish liquid.

Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A base note with a strong aroma, Spikenard Essential Oil has a harsh, earthy, woody smell that is slightly musty.

Common Uses: Spikenard Essential Oil is used by aroma therapists for rashes, wrinkles, cuts, insomnia, migraines, and wounds.

Spiritual Use:  Spikenard is a very spiritual oil. It has been used in Egypt, and by priests and kings, as anointing oil and to induce meditation. This oil will help us release the need to control and rebel against power. For those who misuse the power of will, this will be good oil for emotional release work. In the positive sense, it will reconnect us spiritually.

What Chakra is connected: Solar plexus and Heart 

Product Abstract: Spikenard is a soft, aromatic herb with a strongly pungent rhizome root. It is native to the mountainous regions of Northern India, as well as China and Japan. Also known as Nard and Musk Root, Spikenard was one of the early aromatics used by the ancient Egyptians and is mentioned in the Bible in The Song of Solomon, and in the Gospel Of John where Mary used it to anoint the feet of Jesus. It was used in ancient Rome in perfumes and beauty preparations. It was also used in culinary recipes from Roman times throughout the Middle Ages, and was used to spice wine and beer.


Cautions: Dilute before use; for external use only. May cause skin irritation in some individuals; a skin test is recommended prior to use. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

**All our organic essential oils are for external use only. Before using essential oils contact a qualified Aromatherapist. The information on this page is for educational purposes only, it is not meant to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose of any disease or condition, it is not prescribe in any way.
Do not use during pregnancy.