STAR ANISE certified organic - Belgium

Botanical Name: Illicum Verum Hook

Plant Part: Seeds

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Origin: Belgium

Description: Star anise or star aniseed is a small to medium plant belonging to the Magnolia family, native to China & Vietnam, although today it’s grown almost exclusively in Southwest China and Japan. The fruit is small, only about an inch and quarter tall (3 cm.) and has a star shape with about 5 to 10 point. The fruit is picked unripe, and sun dried to a brown color before it is used.

Colour: Colourless to pale yellow

Aromatic Scent: Star Anise has a licorice-like aroma similar to aniseed, but its aroma is stronger.

 Common Use: It is used to combat colic, rheumatism, flatulence and nausea. It also has carminative, stomachic, stimulant and diuretic properties. The whole fruit is also used a breath freshener together with mandarin.

Spiritual Use: The oil can be used in cleansing waters for ritual purification and cleansing ceremonies. As a magical perfume or anointing oil it is used to protect against negative energies and to attract good spirits. Used in rites of passage it gives direction to the soul and helps it connect with its highest purpose.

What Chakra is connected: Third Eye and Crown

History: Star Anise is often chewed in small quantities after each meal to promote digestion and sweeten the breath. The Japanese plant the tree in their temples and on tombs; and use the pounded bark as incense. Homeopaths can prepare tinctures from the seeds.

Cautions: Star Anise is generally non-toxic and non-irritating (unlike Illicium anisatum the Japanese variety that is long considered toxic).


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